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Guidance for Voters: Fife Council Elections 2017

Fife Council has prepared guidance for voters in the 2017 Local Government Elections. These are outlined below in English (click this link for a PDF):

  1. Vote on the ballot paper by numbering the candidates in order of your choice. Put the number 1 in the box next to the name of the candidate who is your first choice, then put 2 in the box next to the name of the candidate who is your second choice, 3 in the box next to your third choice, and so on. You can make as many or as few choices as you wish.
  2. Do not mark the ballot paper in any other way or you votes may not count.
  3. If you make a mistake, take the ballot paper to the polling staff and ask for another one.
  4. When you have marked your choice, show the back of the ballot paper to the polling staff, so that they can confirm that the ballot paper has the number and official mark, but do not let anyone see how you have voted.
  5. Put the ballot paper in the ballot box and leave the polling station.
  6. If by mistake you spoil your ballot paper, show it to the presiding officer and ask for another one.

This guidance is also available in multiple languages:

Guidance for Voters – Arabic

Guidance for Voters – Chinese

Guidance for Voters – Gaelic

Guidance for Voters – Polish

Guidance for Voters – Punjabi

Guidance for Voters – Urdu

Author: Elric at Fife Centre for Equalities

Keeping a keen eye on equality-related issues and news. Development Officer at Fife Centre for Equalities.

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