Penguin Random House UK is launching an “Inclusion Tracker” to measure the diversity of its authors and staff in the pursuit of a new company-wide goal to “reflect UK society by 2025”.

The aim is to bring the composition of its authors and staff into line with that of UK society, in terms of social mobility, ethnicity, gender, disability, and sexuality. PRH has said it wants to see “a positive shift towards this goal every year through to 2025”.

To measure its progress in achieving the aim, PRH will now be asking newly-acquired authors and new employees to complete a voluntary “Inclusion Tracker”. PRH will then publish this data on its website each year.

The publisher will begin sending out the online questionnaire on 1st July to all authors it is signing new contracts with, and all new employees who join the company. The Inclusion Tracker will ask for information covering gender, ethnicity, sexuality, disability and social mobility. According to PRH, all data will be treated anonymously and confidentially, and completing the form will be entirely optional.


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