A survey of over 2,000 public and private sector employees has revealed that two in five workers in the UK say that they have experienced workplace bias, and one in five have hidden their age, disability, social background or sexuality when applying for a job.

The research, conducted by Badenoch & Clark, a staffing business owned by the world’s largest recruitment firm, Adecco, also shows that fewer than half of all employees questioned say that they think that their organisation embraces diversity and inclusion at a board level.

Almost a third say that they have not read their company’s diversity and inclusion policy and more than one in ten say that their company does not even have one.

“Whilst it’s great to see that employees are, in some cases, positive about the level of diversity and inclusivity in UK organisations, there is still a long way to go,” says Nicola Linkleter, president of professional staffing at Adecco.

Just over a fifth of those questioned said that diversity and inclusion training would be the most effective way for an organisation to achieve progress in the field, while 18 per cent said that hosting more social events would help the cause.


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