The SNP Government have been told to use devolved powers to close the gender
 pay gap – and boost the
 Scottish economy by a
 massive £17.2billion.

MSPs probing the unfair gulf between men and women in
 work set out their demands in a hard-hitting report published

Among the proposals, Holyrood’s Economy Committee said:

● Firms should have to reveal their own pay gap if they want to bid for lucrative public contracts.

● The Government should set up programmes to improve chances for people returning to work.

● The female-dominated care sector should be given a greater status by the Government.

● And enterprise agencies
should have to prove they’re fully committed to a fair pay scheme by focusing on gender inequality.

The long-running inquiry heard first-hand from women in work, who lifted the lid on dreadful
experiences with pay compared
to male colleagues.

Complaints included a deep-rooted “old boys’ network” and the assumption that women can’t work as well after having children.


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