A Proud Partnership in Action

Fife Centre for Equalities is so proud that we and our partners have made history, collectively we brought pride to Kirkcaldy City Centre on 01 July 2017. We ensured the #LGBTI communities were seen and heard by politicians, businesses, services providers and everyone else.

Partners of the LGBTI+ Network include:
Fife Cultural Trust / Adam Smith Theatre

And members from the LGBTI+ community
This work would not have been possible without the ongoing work of the Fife LGBTI+ Network. FCE will continue to support this Network to enabling LGBTI+ individuals to effect change in Fife.
FIFE PRIDE is just the starting point, we want the voices of the LGBTI+ community to continue to be heard. As a partnership we can make #Fife a more inclusive Kingdom where diversity is celebrated and respected.
The Network is open to anyone interested in making lasting change for the LGBTI+ community in Fife
For further information about the LGBTI+ Network, please contact pat@centreforequalities.org.uk.