Fife Centre for Equalities is so proud that we and our partners have made history, collectively we brought pride to Kirkcaldy City Centre on 01 July 2017. We ensured the #LGBTI communities were seen and heard by politicians, businesses, services providers and everyone else.

Partners of the LGBTI+ Network include:
Fife Cultural Trust / Adam Smith Theatre

And members from the LGBTI+ community
This work would not have been possible without the ongoing work of the Fife LGBTI+ Network. FCE will continue to support this Network to enabling LGBTI+ individuals to effect change in Fife.
FIFE PRIDE is just the starting point, we want the voices of the LGBTI+ community to continue to be heard. As a partnership we can make #Fife a more inclusive Kingdom where diversity is celebrated and respected.
The Network is open to anyone interested in making lasting change for the LGBTI+ community in Fife
For further information about the LGBTI+ Network, please contact