An Aberdeen bus company is making efforts to welcome passengers with disabilities.

First Bus has relaunched its Safe Journey and Better Journey cards as part of a project to increase the accessibility of services for the elderly and people with hidden disabilities, such as Alzheimer’s.

The cards allow passengers to discretely communicate a specific message to the bus driver.

Examples are: “Please speak slowly, I am hard of hearing”, “Please wait for me to sit down” and “Please tell me when we reach my destination” – which passengers can fill in with the appropriate location.

There will also be sections on the cards where a customer can write their own message to the driver.

First Bus has worked closely with the charities Disability Action Alliance and Age UK to develop the cards. And commercial manager Daniel Laird said the company was keen to make as many passengers as possible aware of the cards.

He said: “It’s great to hear of this interest in our Journey Cards. These are a really effective means of discretely communicating with our drivers.

“Some customers may need to ask for assistance but be unsure how best to do it.

“While customers can, of course, just ask for any help they need, not everyone finds this easy, or is able to speak clearly. In these instances, these cards give people a way of asking for assistance in a simple, easy and discreet way.

“The cards can be downloaded from our website. They are also available from the First Aberdeen Travel Centre or by contacting us at our depot.”

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