More than 1000 mental health patients in Scotland have been sent to other health boards for treatment in the past three years.

This comes from research by the Scottish Conservatives.

It shows that some patients are being sent between NHS boards north of the border, with some even being asked to travel to England.

The statistics showed 334 people were moved in 2014/15, followed by 370 a year later, and 303 last year.

In total, 1007 mental health patients were asked to travel “out of area” between 2014/15 and 2016/17, the equivalent of 17 a week.

NHS Borders were found to have 94 instances of sending patients to other health boards:

NHS Borders aims to provide patient care within local services. In some circumstances, patients may require highly specialist interventions and care that cannot provided in the Borders.

In these instances patients are referred to services within our regional network to receive the care that they require. In exceptional circumstances patients with complex needs may receive mental health care from services out with the network if this is the best option to accommodate their needs.”

– Cliff Sharp, Medical Director, NHS Borders



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