A Dundee charity boss has spoken of the “unbelievable” response from locals for a foreign aid trip.

Dundee Refugee Support (DRS) provides humanitarian aid to refugees stranded throughout Europe.

Trustee Rob Warren has helped to collect dozens of bags with essential items for migrants in Greece, who have fled the war in Syria.

Rob, who helped found the charity, which is based in the Dunsinane Industrial Estate, said: “These will be going to the large number of refugees in Greece. The bags have clothing, soap, blankets and other essentials.

“These people have no money and their standards of living are pretty basic, to say the least.

“The refugees who are there just now can’t move on and more are arriving all the time, so there’s a real bottleneck of people in these camps. The vast majority have come from the Middle East, in particular Syria, and are fleeing the ongoing conflict there.




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