Diversity Week 2017: Open Data Workshop Evaluation Report

Diversity Week 2017: Open Data Workshop Evaluation Report

The Diversity Week Open Data Workshop was an information and dissemination workshop covering a range of topics (Click here for a PDF of this report):

  • Open Government Pioneers project in Scotland
  • Open Government Network local and informal meetups
  • Open Gov principles
  • Open Gov in practice: Participatory Budgeting
  • Development of a 3rd sector Open Data pilot

The core aim of the workshop was to explore how transparency in public equality data can be used for improving services and also for fostering a culture of social entrepreneurship.

Key points

  • Link up with the Scotland-wide OGP
  • Proposal for topic in FCE Equality Research conference 2018
  • Follow-up commitment for a 3rd sector / social innovation group to meet quarterly


  • Contribution to Strategic Outcome 2: Individuals and groups feel better connected and are able to contribute to public policy and the planning and delivery of local services.
  • Contribution to Strategic Outcome 3: Groups, whether already established or just getting started, have the tools they need to engage with their local community in a positive and inclusive way.
  • Contribution to Strategic Outcome 4: Third, public and private sector organisations demonstrate best practice in equality, diversity and inclusion.
  • Contribution to Strategic Outcome 5: FCE is recognised as a centre of excellence for championing equality, diversity and social justice.



13:00 Introductions

13:10 Presentation 1: Open Government Pioneers (SCVO / Scottish Government)

13:40 Participatory Budgeting in Leslie: (Fife Council)

14:10 Presentation 2: Open Gov in Civil Society (FCE)

14:30 Next steps: Piloting a Fife OpenGov group?

15:00 Close

Key Discussion points

Open Government Pioneers (SCVO/SG)

Presentation and overview of:

  • Scotland’s pilot status as Pioneer Tier of the Open Government Partnership.
  • Scotland’s National Action Plan commitments: Financial Transparency; Measure Scotland’s progress; Deliver a Fairer Scotland; Participatory Budgeting, and; Increasing Participation.


5 Years of OGP


Participatory budgeting (PB) (Fife Council CLD)

  • PB is used as a tool for community engagement, linked to the objectives of the Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act 2015 to increase participation in decision making.
  • Participatory Budgeting in Fife has been running in different forms since 2010 (see attached document), with the PB in Leslie project being the most recent. Results of the exercise as well as a report about the process will be published by Fife Council CLD after the end of September 2017.
  • Other discussions points included the community learning element (i.e. capacity of various communities to evaluate and decide for the wider benefits) as well as participation (i.e. how to engage the most disengaged communities in the decision making, instead of defaulting to ‘who turns up at the vote’)

Open Gov in Civil Society / Open Data for Equality (FCE)

The discussion covered:

  • The Open Gov and Open Data initiatives as part of a wider transparency movement (including Freedom of Information / Freedom of Speech / Freedom of Association)
  • The issues in linking the Scotland wide OGP partnership and network and making this relevant to communities in Fife
  • How and why create open data to be used at a local level

Presentation available online at:

Next steps:

  • FCE will pilot a localised report based on EHRC’s new Equality Measurement Framework using an open platform
  • Agreed to pursue future discussions with third sector data interested parties (FVA, FCE, SCVO, St Andrews university TRSF) on developing resources and sharing learning in implementation

Participants and evaluation

7 people attended this workshop representing the following organisations.

  • Fife Council CLD
  • Fife Voluntary Action
  • Fife Centre for Equalities
  • Beside the Norm Podcast
  • People First

The participants found the event “interesting” in majority, followed by “informative” and with discussions being “good”. The main outcome was to create a platform for more people to get involved in developing an open government movement that works for voluntary, third sector and civil society groups.

Comments / quotes:

“Was good to have a small group to be able to discuss a bit more what is relevant to us”

“I liked finding out what it’s actually is about. Big words like Participatory Budgeting and Open Government just put me off. I got a better idea now what people are trying to do with PB etc”

“Had no idea there was all these groups across Scotland”


#opengov #opendata #participatorybudgeting  #eqdata

Further Information

More information about Inclusive Communication or other equality, diversity or inclusion matters, please contact Fife Centre for Equalities by email info@centreforequalities.org.uk or telephone 01592 645 310.

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