Talking to Young People about Equality Workshop for Youth 1st Evaluation Report

Fife Centre for Equalities was invited by Youth 1st to design and deliver an evening workshop for their members ( you can also click  this link to download the report)

Contributions to FCE Strategic Plan

Strategic Outcomes:

  • Strategic Outcome 3: Groups, whether already established or just getting started, have the tools they need to engage with their local community in a positive and inclusive way.

Key Actions:

  • Promote, deliver and evaluate a range of training opportunities involving internal staff and external partners.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Better knowledge of Equality Act 2010;
  • Better appreciation of a person-centred approach;
  • Being more confident in talking to young people about equality and inclusion;
  • Being more creative in engaging and integrating with people of different protected characteristics as part of governance, a workforce or as customers/users.


18:00           Welcome and Expectations

18:15           My precious

18:30           Flag Game

18:40           Equality Quiz

19:00           Comfort break

19:15           Discussion cards

20:00           Equality Act 2010 – how is this relevant to me?

20:30           Personal actions

20:45           Evaluation

21:00           End of Session


Nine people attended this workshop on 06 September 2017.

The participants’ age range spanned from 19 to 66.  Seven of the participants are female and two are male.

No participant stated that they have a disability.

Eight participants self-classified as White Scottish.

Seven of the participants stated they have no religion, and two stated Church of Scotland.

Eight participants stated that they are Heterosexual/Straight and one as Bisexual.

Two participants have caring responsibilities.

One participant is married, two are divorced/separated and six are single.

Two of the participants are employed full-time, two in part-time employment, two are in further/higher education, two are unemployed and seeking work and one is retired.


All nine participants scored the workshop 5 out of 5 for information being helpful, information being presented clearly, queries being answered sufficiently, and workshop being totally accessible 5.

Participants were asked to score their own knowledge before and after the workshop.  Prior to the workshop, one participant scored their own knowledge at 5 out of 5, three at 4, one at 3, two at 2 and two at 1.

After the workshop, all nine participants scored their knowledge on the subject as 5 out of 5.  This marked a significant of improvement of their knowledge as a result of this workshop.

Other Comments:

“Very useful & enjoyable course.  Will recommend to colleagues / other volunteers!”

“Great workshop, a lot of fun.”

Advice and Suggestions for future seminars/training programmes:

“Very good balance of interactive activities & presentations.”

“More time to discuss issues.”

“Any available”


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Further Information

More information about workforce development training or other equality, diversity or inclusion matters, please contact Fife Centre for Equalities by email or telephone 01592 645 310.

Fife Centre for Equalities aims to build a collective voice to champion equality, diversity, inclusion and social justice across Fife and beyond.