The most recent Stonewall school report from Scotland shows incredibly high levels of mental health issues in trans students.

It suggests nearly all (96%) of trans students are self-harming.

‘School Report Scotland’ by Stonewall Scotland and the Centre for Family Research at the University of Cambridge looks at the experiences of over 400 LGBT pupils in Scotland’s schools.

Key figures from the report show:

-Nearly half of LGB pupils (48%) are bullied for being LGBT in Scotland’s schools. This rises to 7 in 10 for trans students.

-LGBT young people in Scotland are more likely to hear homophobic language than the rest of Britain. Here, 6 in 10 hear homophobic slurs ‘regularly’ or ‘often’ – compared to just half in the rest of the UK.

-Young LGBT people in Scotland have alarming rates of poor mental health

It shows that while mental health figures for worse for trans students, three in five LGB young people also self-harm.

Correlating with similar figures globally it also found more than two in five trans young people in Scotland attempt to take their own life. One in four LGB students (24%) have done the same.


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