EU nationals living in Fife have spoken of their lives being blighted by worry since the Brexit vote.

MSPs were told families are leaving the country because of the uncertainty and discrimination they face after the decision to leave the EU.

The Fife residents reported being shunned by employers and having
mortgage applications rejected as a result of their “second-class” status.

Roxi Dumitru, who moved to the region from Romania, compared their treatment with puppies being abandoned after Christmas.

“It’s like having a dog, you have it for Christmas but ‘sorry I don’t have any space for you, I have to send you away to another house’,” she told MSPs.

Katarzyna Slawek, a case worker at Fife Migrants Forum, who came to Scotland 12 years ago and has a two-year-old daughter, said they are being kept in the dark about what will happen to them.

“Just imagine my worries in the night, what will be if I cannot work, I cannot pay my mortgage, I cannot make her a future,” the Glenrothes mum added.

Mum-of-two Auxi Sousa, who has lived in Britain for seven years, said she opposed independence in 2014 but she pleaded for Scotland to leave the UK and retain its EU status so she did not have to leave.

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