Over the next five years, the charity Who Cares? Scotland will embark upon an ambitious journey to secure a lifetime of equality, respect and love for all care-experienced people in Scotland.

The charity support them to have their voice heard. Duncan Dunlop, CEO of Who Cares? Scotland, said: “Young people have been telling us for 40 years that care isn’t working for them.

“The voice of our care-experienced population is the most important thing in everything we’ve been doing. They are the experts.”

Here, three young people who have experienced care share why equality, respect and love are so important.

Equality: Ryan, 15, high school pupil and member of the Scottish Youth Parliament:
I spend a lot of time feeling guilty. I’m always thinking, “Why should I be in a great home, with a loving family, when other care-experienced young people don’t get the same?” It isn’t fair.

Before I met a lot of my friends from care, I didn’t know that some care- experienced young people move 50 times between homes, or feel so trapped and desperate that they need to run away.

I also didn’t know we’re more likely to be in prison than university, or are at high risk of homelessness and suicide.

I knew how difficult my life had been. I had no idea that things could have got worse, not better, after going into care.

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