Clydesdale Bank’s parent company is to raise its minimum salary for full-time staff to £17,000 in a bid to tackle the company’s gender pay gap.

CYBG revealed in its first gender pay gap report that its male staff were currently on average paid 37% more per hour than their female colleagues.

The gap for all employees in the UK is 18.4%, according to the Office for National Statistics.

For full-time employees, the figure is 9.1%.

The 11% pay rise for CYBG workers will benefit about 600 women and 200 men in its workforce of 5,813.

CYBG, which also owns the Yorkshire Bank, said the current pay gap was “driven largely by the higher number of men in senior roles, compared to their female counterparts”.

It said the bank was working to build “strong female representation at all levels” within the organisation to challenge the differential.

Kate Guthrie, CYBG’s group human resources director, said: “Inclusivity and diversity are at the heart of our business – we are a people-led business and are determined to make CYBG a brilliant, rewarding and inclusive place to work.


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