A survey of over 270 UK council websites has found that only 60% of home pages were accessible to people with disabilities.

Almost half of councils responsible for local authority gov.uk websites are found not to be accessible to people with disabilities, according to a recent survey by Better Connected, a SOCITM-backed organisation that has been assessing local authorities’ online performance since 1999.

According to the latest annual survey of website performance, which found that only 60% of home pages were accessible to people with disabilities, some sites may already be in breach of the Equality Act 2010.

Furthermore, the sites will have to be fixed ahead of a new EU Directive that comes into force in 2019, which outlines new technical specifications for accessibility that public sector bodies will have adhere to.

Better Connected tested 270 UK council websites, completed in December 2017, and found that there had actually been a small deterioration on last year’s testing, where 65% of the 270 councils passed.

The testing was carried out by the Digital Accessibility Centre (DAC), using automated tools and manual checking, where every member of the DAC user testing team has a disability – among them, visual impairment, dyslexia, mobility impairment and learning disabilities.

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