ANTI-RACIST campaigner Neville Lawrence has hit out at a racist landmark at a seaside town.

The father of murdered teenager Stephen Lawrence said he was “stunned” to see a black-painted rock with a black-painted face and the words “Jim Crow”.

The rock sits on the seafront in the town of Dunoon, on the Cowal peninsula.

The term “Jim Crow” was a racist term used to describe the laws enforcing segregation in the American south.

Dr Lawrence, who was visiting friends near Dunoon, said: “It’s difficult to accept that such an offensive landmark sits so prominently in an otherwise friendly town. I have been visiting Scotland for 25 years and always found it welcoming.

“Friends in Scotland were always very supportive of my campaign for justice after my son Stephen was murdered.

“However, when I saw this Jim Crow rock freshly painted on the sea-front I was stunned.

“I feel it is right to say that it is offensive and totally out of place today.”


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