I began volunteering with the Community Café August 2016, having come along first when the café started in April 2016 just to enjoy the food and meet people.  Within 3 months I started to volunteer with the Café. I helped lay tables, serve food and helped with the washing up.

Because of a back injury I had been out of work for years, I weighed 23 and a half stone and I couldn’t bend.  I spent most of the time playing computer games.  I was isolated and depressed and just felt worthless.

I lost all confidence and didn’t want to mix with people or go out. This was not helped by the fact that I was living in inappropriate housing that I could not clean or afford.

At first I just came to the café every week and enjoyed the soup, stovies and home bakes although I came just as much for the company.  It was good to get a home cooked meal in company and I could afford this because it was pay what you could afford, so I didn’t have to worry about having enough money.

I really enjoyed the banter and I could see they needed volunteers to help.  At the café there are also people to give advice and information to help you and I found out about another volunteer opportunity with Real Living in Rosyth at the social café  for older people so I volunteer as a befriender there now too.  I really enjoy it.

I have made new friends through the Community Cafe.  One thing has just led to another and now I feel proud that I am giving back to the community and I have lost 9 stone in weight. Being able to get the right advice and information also helped, I have now moved to a smaller house that I can afford to run, I feel more positive, I can now give people advice about where to go to get help, I now have friends  and am learning new skills.  It’s a great feeling when you feel you have helped someone or when you are working as part of a team to do something.  Everyone is friendly and we have a good laugh. – Dec 2017