In May 2017 Jade contacted Fife Centre for Equalities by email after a Fife Council worker suggested she contact us.

Jade is in her mid 20’s and identified as male to female transgender who has been diagnosed with autism. Jade lives in one of the villages in the South West of Fife with her parents.

FCE met with Jade to discuss the difficulties she was experiencing because of her gender identity and disability.

Jade had said she found it difficult to be herself and did not know anywhere she could get support and meet people who were like her. She also said that she found it difficult to socialise with new people due to her autism.

Although Jade had support from local services she felt that they did not understand her gender identity and that unless she travelled to Edinburgh she could not get support.

Jade was then told about the new Transgender group that had just begun meeting in Fife and that they would be welcoming, and she would find support there.

Jade initially was not confident that the group would understand her and be able to be a good support because of her autism. FCE worked with the Transgender group to support Jade in joining the group, ensuring the group members understood Jade’s disability.  Jade was given private space to change before and after the meeting.  At the group meetings or activities, Jade was able to interact in the identity of her choice.

Jade started attending the group in June and also participated in hosting the Transgender safe space during Fife Pride on the 1st of July 2017. Jade continues to be a member of the Fife Transgender group.