Tarry is an asylum seeker who approached Fife Centre for Equalities at the end of March 2017. He was living in Leven with foster parents and looking to integrate more into Fife and get into college, as well as gain asylum status.

After a face to face meeting with Tarry, we agreed that it would benefit him if he volunteered for FCE and he could work with us and gain work experience and help him achieve his goals.

During his time with FCE Tarry experienced a few issues. One example was that he needed support to gain a place at college. We provided that support and he was offered a place at the college on the engineering course he wanted.

Tarry also informed us that he found it difficult to find the information he needed to enable him to understand how and what services and supports were available for him in Fife.

We agreed that as part of his volunteering with FCE, he could look into several aspects of integrating into Fife as this could end up being a guide for him and others to help them e.g.; get into education, understand the benefits system, understand the process and requirements for securing housing and the process for those applying for asylum status.

FCE provided support, advice and guidance on a variety of issues that Tarry encountered and enabled him to develop a draft integration guide as well as move his life forward.

Unfortunately Tarry has to leave Fife as he had turned 21 and had to move out of his foster parents home into home office approved housing in Edinburgh while his asylum status is being assessed.