FCE were approached by West Fife Enterprise to help them develop an accessible Jam shed. The aim of the shed is to provide an accessible space where people from all walks of life can come together in a relaxed informal setting to play, learn or teach a variety of musical instruments.  The Jam shed is open every Friday 1pm – 3pm at the organisations premises.

Workers can come along to meet members of the community and it is a place where people can come for advice and information about how and where to get help and support.

There is access to musical instruments and people can drop in anytime on a Friday between 1 and 3pm.

The Jam shed is free and it’s proving to be a great way for people to make new friends by sharing a common interest. Local area workers have also started to come along and inform others of the services and other activities that are available in the area.

The instruments are donated, and people have the opportunity not only to play them, but they can learn how to repair them. To ensure that the Jam shed carries on refurbished instruments will be made available at a low cost and any monies raised will go into making sure the Jam Shed can stay open, without being reliant on grant funding.

The Jam shed is growing and people who come along to the shed find it welcoming and relaxed. We have had a father come along with is son, he has been able to get the use of a keyboard and teach his son how to play.

Fife Centre for Equalities will work with Fife Enterprise to ensure the Jam Shed continues to accessible, affordable and open to anyone who lives, works and/or studies in Fife.

Below is a video of Sean, one of the Jam Shed members who suffers from dementia – playing the saxophone: