A leading union has won a major battle in their fight for equal pay after Glasgow City Council voted to settle long-running compensation claims.

UNISON hailed the council’s decision not to continue litigation at the public’s expense – which would involve appealing to the Supreme Court – ending a decade-long dispute that is estimated to amount to around £500million.

Chair of UNISON’s Glasgow City branch Carol Ball, said: “This is a great day for the low paid cleaners, carers, caterers and others working for Glasgow City Council who have waited 10 years for pay equality. A great day, but just the first day in the process of moving to equality – because settlement takes time.

“Our members have waited long enough for the fair and equal pay they have worked hard for and deserve. People may be shocked by the Action4Equality projection of £500m but we ask folk to bear in mind – this is the impact of discrimination. It’s not the lifetime cost of pay inequality, just a 10-year slice into that injustice. And that injustice ends now.”

Thousands of pay cases have been brought by low-paid workers employed since 2007, when the council introduced its current pay and grading system.


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