Seva Scotland are at work in Glasgow’s city centre two nights a week, helping the people who need help most.

Seva are a Sikh volunteer group set up to feed the homeless in Glasgow. They are out on Cadogan Street every Monday and Tuesday at around 9pm, not only helping their fellow Glaswegians but putting their faith in action.

Seva, means “selfless service” and is an important part of the Sikh religion and as volunteer, Rajpal Singh, explained: “We are an organic, grassroots movement. We have a bit of banter and do everything with a smile.

“Four years ago, we started off with three volunteers. Then we just grew and grew. Now we’ve got about 20 volunteers at any one time.”

Seva Scotland cook vegetarian meals such as pasta, pizza and curry, gathering together at the Sikh temples or Gurdwaras on Albert Drive and Berkeley Street to cook the food.

On a typical evening, around 30 hot meals are prepared and handed out to vulnerable people and each comes with a snack pack.

While many people who receive the meals are homeless, the group serve anyone in need.

Rajpal said: “There’s people out there who do have a roof over their heads – but they may have limited income. So whoever comes along, we give food to them.”

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