THE Benarty-Indian connection started from a room in 72 Kirkland Gardens, Ballingry, and it was significant international correspondence that would take place over thousands of miles between people who did not know one another, but had a common love for the Bible and the Christian faith.

Mr Kenneth Munro would have loved to have gone over to India to meet these friends but had begun to develop Parkinson’s disease and was unable to go.

He passed away in 1993 with a sudden heart attack having never been to India.

The next step – Gordon Munro. After Craig’s grandfather died his father Gordon Munro, and former rector of Beath High School, took up the correspondence and the contact with a number of Indian people.

He, too, would have loved to have visited India and often spoke of this.

However, Craig added: “Many readers will know my father developed cancer in 1992 and died after one month of retiring from Beath High School in August 1997”.

Craig then started corresponding with these Indian translators and readers in 1997, and in 2003 became the editor of the Christian Magazine, Present Truth.

Craig was often invited to preach in India but was unable to, due to his busy schedule working as Executive Director of Education and Children’s Services in Fife Council.

Having left secular employment and feeling a distinct call to be a full-time preacher in 2016, Craig was finally able to go to India.

Craig said: “It was therefore a privilege to be able to go India now. It was very moving to meet these people after all these years and who have such strong connections with this part of Fife and my family”.


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