This survey is to find out about the impact on welfare reform, including changes to benefits and the introduction Universal Credit on equality groups. You can respond online by clicking the link below:

 Impact of Welfare Reform on Equality Survey

If you prefer to complete this by hand you can download a PDF at:
Impact of Welfare Reform on Equality A4 PDF

Our aim is to to collect as many testimonies as possible, and we would like to contact you, to tell us (this can be written, spoken or video) if welfarm reform had an negative impact on your life because of:

  • Being a young person, adult, older person or a pensioner
  • Being disabled or having a condition or a long-term illness
  • Being married or in a civil partnership
  • Being pregnant or having recently given birth
  • Being an immigrant, or because of your race or ethnic group
  • Your religion, beliefs or for not having beliefs
  • Being a man or a woman
  • Being straight, lesbian, bisexual, gay or trans
  • Being a carer for an older person or a person with disability

Contact us if you need any more information or would like any support to take part.

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