As recently as ten years ago being gay, bisexual or transgender was a taboo subject and certainly not something to be discussed in the school classroom.

But today LGBT issues are an important and growing part of the school curriculum, and Kirkcaldy High School is leading the way – with its LGBT+ group at the helm.

Not only are the members there to help any pupils being subjected to bullying or struggling with issues around their sexuality, they are also helping to advise teachers, NHS staff and even the Scottish Government on aspects of equality and young people.
And they have also helped other schools in Fife to set up their own groups to promote equality for all.

With membership of the group currently standing at between 15-20, from all year groups, the school’s headmaster Derek Allan hopes it will eventually become just another school club like the badminton or calligraphy group.
It was set up three years ago when a pupil, undergoing an interview to become a prefect, was asked what the school should be doing to improve and she said it should be doing more towards equality for all, including the LGBT community.

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