It is thought almost 40% of children in Scotland will be living in poverty by the year 2030.

That is according to new research published alongside the Scottish Government’s new plan to tackle child poverty.

Holyrood is warning welfare cuts and benefit changes announced by Westminster will be the cause of a sharp rise in inequality.

Scottish ministers are calling for more powers to be devolved to them.

The analysis estimates that by 2030/31, 38% of children will be in relative poverty, 32% in absolute poverty, 17% in combined low income and material deprivation, and 16% of children will be in persistent poverty.

Communities Secretary Angela Constance said:

“This reveals the long-term damage of UK Government welfare cuts and austerity, with alarming increases across every measure of child poverty.

“We know the damage that has been caused already, but what alarms me is that the worst is still to come, with £4 billion annual cuts by the end of this decade set to take a stark toll on families and children.

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