A new project to help older people rebuild their lives after suffering abuse is set to launch in Fife.

In a first for Scotland, charity Action on Elder Abuse Scotland, which will run the ‘Elder Abuse Recovery Project’, said the programme staffed by trained volunteers would help dozens of abused older people regain their confidence and independence.
The charity is actively recruiting volunteers of all ages, with a view to launching the project later this spring. It is hoped the Fife project could act as a blueprint for wider rollout across Scotland.
Estimates suggest around 10 per cent of older people experience some form of abuse each year including physical and sexual assaults, financial abuses such as theft, psychological torment, or neglect by people or institutions that should be caring for them.

In Fife, around 7500 people may be suffering from elder abuse each year, although much of this remains hidden because victims may be unwilling or unable to speak out.

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