The pay gap at the 568 charities with over 250 employees is eight per cent in favour of men – but the figure is higher for the 20 biggest charities, at 13 per cent, according to data published today.

The government has mandated that all charities with over 250 employees should report mean and median gender pay gaps, and the deadline to do so passed last night.

Figures compiled by David Kane, a freelance data scientist and researcher, looked at the 568 charities identified in the government’s gender pay gap data. They show that the average gender pay gap for charities is 8 per cent.

The average gender pay gap for all 10,000 organisations reporting is 14.5 per cent.

Kane’s data, which he has outlined in a blog post for Civil Society Media, showed that charities compare favourably to pay gap data in private companies, at 15 per cent, and the public sector at 13 per cent.

Top charities have bigger pay gap figures

An analysis of the largest 20 charities in the haysmacintyre / Charity Finance 100 Index showed a larger average figure of men being paid a mean average of 13.5 per cent. It also showed a median average of 9 per cent.

Average data for the proportion of women in each pay quartile showed that women make up 58.3 per cent of the top pay quartile, increasing to 67.9 per cent in the upper middle quartile, 69.4 per cent in the lower middle quartile, and peaking at 80.1 per cent in the lower quartile – the lowest paid members of staff.

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