Article written by Steve Ford

It’s World Parkinson’s Day: What Does That Mean?

Today, 11th April, is World Parkinson’s Day. On the face of it, that title doesn’t tell you a lot, does it? But that’s not dissimilar to the condition, Parkinson’s, itself: while there are well-known and apparent symptoms, it’s impossible to know, from the outside, what any given day in the life of a person with Parkinson’s is truly like. That’s what we’re striving to raise awareness of today.

Last week, Parkinson’s UK conducted research revealing that British adults massively underestimate how complex Parkinson’s is. Although most people are aware of visible symptoms like tremor, Parkinson’s can also come with more than 40 less well-known symptoms such as sleep issues, anxiety and hallucinations.

More than a third (37 per cent) thought there were fewer than ten symptoms of Parkinson’s and more than four in ten (41 per cent) thought there were fewer than 30.

The public think the main symptom of Parkinson’s is a tremor (64 per cent), followed by slowness of movement (14 per cent) and muscle stiffness (13 percent) – but these are merely the tip of the iceberg. In fact, in one of our recent projects to identify priorities for improving everyday life, tremor came 26th on a list of what people with Parkinson’s want research to address.


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