The Scottish Government is making £2.8m available to councils across Scotland to help combat domestic abuse.

They are expanding the ‘Caledonian System’, with works with male domestic abusers to address their behaviour.

The project was tested in five local authorities around the country last year.

An analysis of the scheme released in November found that men posed a lower risk to their partners after completing it.

The Scottish justice secretary, Michael Matheson, said: “Levels of domestic abuse remain at unacceptably high levels in Scotland.

“We know that the official statistics still do not paint the whole picture, as victims are often too afraid to report abuse.

“We also know domestic abuse disproportionately affects women, with men as the primary perpetrators.

“Put simply, attitudes need to change.

“The Caledonian System has been running in parts of Scotland and the evidence indicates that men who completed the programme posed a lower risk to partners, children and others by the end of the programme.


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