Models created from Sellotape are to be installed in the Kingdom Centre as part of a project aimed at defying Dementia.

The models have been created by residents with Dementia at Lomond Court care home, each one doing some form of activity, such as fishing and dancing.

The art installation, which will be in the shopping centre on June 6, aims to demonstrate that people with Dementia still have interests and hobbies.

Rob Gallagher, wellbeing co-ordinator at the care home, came up with the project.

He told the Gazette: “The idea of the Sellotape men is that you are seeing through the disease and seeing the person behind it.
“I wanted to represent the people.
“Take Dementia, put it to one side for a moment, and see what can still be achieved by the person suffering from it.”

Each of the Sellotape figures will have sign stating ‘I have Dementia, but I still enjoy…’.

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