Refugees who flee to Scotland can now apply for grants to help their family settle in the country, even if they are still separated from their loved ones.

Equalities Secretary Angela Constance said waiting until a family had been reunited before an application could be made meant that people coming to Scotland were “forced to start their new life in abject poverty”.
The Scottish Government is now providing £100,000 for Family Reunion Crisis Grants, which refugees can apply for ahead of their relatives’ arrival.
The money will help with initial living costs and can help pay for essential items, such as beds, for those arriving in Scotland under family reunion rules.

Hadgu, who came to Scotland from Eritrea, was separated from his wife and children for three-and-half years before they arrived in Scotland in March this year.
“Nothing makes me happier than to be reunited with my wife Helen and my three daughters,” he said.
He arrived in the UK in September 2015 and was granted refugee status in November the following year.

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