Sites for Gypsy/Travellers in Scotland are unsafe health hazards with poor amenities despite requirements set out in 2013 for councils to ensure basic standards are met to improve living conditions.

A new Scottish Government report called Improving Gypsy/Traveller Sites, highlights significant failings by several councils prompting critics to express “deep concern” amid fresh calls for urgent action to be taken.

Only two sites out of 26 – Angus and Falkirk – met all the requirements set out in 2013, with the report saying that 14 sites did not meet safety and security standards.

The report said some “fairly significant safety issues” were found including a lack of carbon monoxide detectors, heat detectors and smoke alarms.

“A number of site providers were not fully meeting this indicator. The sites in Aberdeenshire, Dumfries and Galloway, Fife and West Dunbartonshire did not have smoke or heat alarms at the time of the review,” the report said.

The Scottish Government says that sites should be “safe and secure” and has urged site providers to fit smoke alarms as a “matter of urgency”.

Other issues identified included problems with walls, roofs, dampness and subsidence, meaning that some pitches were out of use.


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