Scotland’s first ever dementia-friendly park has been launched in Stirling.

Kings Park, one of the city’s most popular recreational areas, has been transformed to make it more accessible and allow people with dementia to enjoy and feel safe in outdoor spaces.
New measures include a handrail, improved toilet signs and benches.
An information leaflet with a map has also been created to help with route-planning.

The initiative, spearheaded by the walking charity Paths for All, aims to encourage more people to get outside. Research shows both exercise and being outside in nature have multiple health benefits.
These include relieving stress, increasing self-esteem, improving sleep and aiding memory and cognitive function.
Even 10 minutes of daily walking can improve the overall well-being of dementia sufferers.

The improvements at Kings Park have been brought in after consultation with local residents, carers and people living with the condition.

Dr Corinne Greasley Adams, development officer for Paths for All, said: “This project was an important step for us in working towards our aim of driving improvements in the quality of life, well-being, empowerment and inclusion of people living with dementia in Scotland.

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