New guidance making it easier for people with autism or a learning disability to navigate the internet safely and legally has been produced in Fife.

To support them, their carers and family members, Fife Council’s adult support and protection committee has joined forces with child protection charity Stop It Now! Scotland to produce a new resource pack – the first of its kind in Scotland – to provide vital advice on the issue in an easily accessible format.

Alan Small, chair of the committee, said the new materials had been the result of many months of hard work.

He said: “Internet safety, accessing inappropriate child imagery and the risk of grooming is a very sensitive subject.

“It is important that we educate and guide all adults on this topic – in particular ensuring that those who may be more at risk or susceptible to the misuse of the internet because of an additional vulnerability are given guidance and advice how to keep themselves and others safe.

“This includes providing guidance around the inappropriate and unlawful sharing or use of child images.

“The resource is a suite of documents which uses direct and simple language supported by photographs and simple line drawings, so they are very accessible and easy to read.


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