Live shows, a silent disco, karaoke, games and chill-out zones are in the works for the show-stopping event… and they’re wanting Glasgow’s venues to follow their lead

A group of music fans are hosting an accessible gig to encourage young people with disabilities to enjoy music, socialise and make friends this summer.

The youths, who have learning disabilities, are putting on a day of free live gigs for other people with disabilities – and they’re calling upon venues and promoters across the country to follow their lead.

Held on Sunday August 12 at the Scottish Youth Theatre, the event will feature a silent disco, karaoke, gaming and relaxation zones and a line-up of live shows. The event is for young people aged eight to 26 and will host up to 300 music fans.

Members of charity ENABLE Scotland’s Active Community of Empowered (ACE) youth network say they are “fed up” with not having the same opportunities to as their non-disabled peers.

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