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Scots aged over 50 face prejudice in the workplace and employers are missing out on their talents, according to Age Scotland.

The charity says businesses should develop an age strategy to get the best out of the workforce, but few have done so, leaving workers facing bias as they get older.

Delia Henry, Age Scotland’s Charity Director, was speaking after the Women and Equalities Committee at Westminster described the situation across the UK as “unacceptable” in a report and criticised a lack of enforcement of laws to prevent ageism at work.

Ms Henry said: “This report is eye opening but sadly its conclusions are unsurprising. The overwhelming majority of businesses and employers in Scotland do not have an age strategy and as such will struggle to get the best out of the workforce.

“Older workers add tremendous value to the workplace but are too often faced with unfair bias and less opportunity as they get older. This must change.”

Age Scotland has been working with employers to help make organisations more age inclusive, she said, adding: “With an increasingly ageing population and more older workers saying that they are planning on working into their late 60s and beyond it is vital that governments and employers get a firmer grip on this and make the most of a diverse and talented workforce of all ages.”

The report by the Women and Equalities Committee criticised Government and the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) for laregely leaving it to employers to make changes.


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