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Alarming new statistics show 38 children a day are being made homeless in Scotland.

New analysis shows that in 2017/18 a total of 14,074 children were classed as homeless – the equivalent to six or seven children in every Scottish school.

Shelter Scotland’s research also showed that on average homeless families with children were having to spend 25% longer living in temporary accommodation than households without children – 201 days compared to 161.

The analysis also showed that 13% of households spent more than a year in temporary accommodation.

Alison Watson, deputy director of Shelter Scotland, said: “The sheer scale of homelessness among children in Scotland is damning on our society. For the equivalent of a class and half of schoolchildren to be made homeless everyday just isn’t right.

“The fact families with children then have to endure the limbo of temporary accommodation longer than other homeless households just compounds their misery.

“This has got to stop. We must find ways of supplying enough permanent accommodation for homeless families and individuals.”

Shelter Scotland is also highlighting the effects homelessness can have on children and young people across areas of their lives – from health to education – leaving many children unable to realise their potential. These effects are more profound the longer a child is homeless, the charity warns.

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