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A new Scottish security system is an opportunity to protect and enhance women’s rights in Scotland, campaigners have said.

The Scottish Human Rights Commission (SHRC) has called for more action to ensure women’s rights are fulfilled.

A report says UK welfare reforms have had a “disproportionate impact”, particularly on disabled, black and minority ethnic women and lone mothers.

SHRC also highlights mental health and inequality in pay and job status.

The report, to be presented to the UN’s Committee on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women on Monday, makes 27 recommendations for improvements.

It wants Scottish ministers to ensure the problems experienced by women are addressed or mitigated in the development of the new social security system for Scotland.

The devolution of the powers is being phased in, with the benefits system due to be fully operational by 2021.

The report points out that only 26% of public bodies are headed by women, with the gender pay gap reaching nearly 15% when the overall hourly wages of men and women are compared, putting Scotland second from the bottom of the 45 EU member states.

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