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Engender is looking for nominations for inspiring women, groups and campaigns that have helped create change

A project to chart the history of the women’s movement in Scotland has been launched.

Engender launched the project this week and members of the public are invited to nominate women, groups and campaigns which they think should feature.

With funding from the Sharing Heritage Fund from the Heritage Lottery Fund, Engender will create a documentary podcast featuring interviews, exploration of document archives, and discussion about the changing face of feminism in Scotland.

The project also includes a visual element, and the charity will be working with Glasgow-based photographer Beth Chalmers to create a series of portraits celebrating the work of the women’s movement over the past quarter of a century.

Chalmers said: “I consider it a privilege to be able hear their stories and celebrate the work they have done that has positively affected woman in Scotland and beyond. I am so enthused that Engendering Change Heritage Project exists and even more so now that I can be a part of it.”

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