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An independent inquiry into mental health services in Tayside could lead to improvements across Scotland.

David Strang, the inquiry’s chairman, launched the public call for evidence to the inquiry in Dundee on Wednesday.

The inquiry was launched following a public campaign by families who blamed poor care at the Carseview Psychiatric Centre at Ninewells Hospital for a series of suicides.

Mr Strang, a former HM chief inspector of prisons, said he wants to hear about positive and negative experiences of mental health services.

He said: “This is an important milestone today for the independent inquiry.

“I want to hear from people who have experience of mental health services in Tayside. That might be someone who has been, or still is a patient, family members or carers and other organisations, third sector organisations and charities, that support people in Tayside.”

Mr Strang said he would respect the “confidentiality” of any NHS Tayside employees who come forward.

He said: “I’m also keen to hear from members of staff from NHS Tayside if they want to tell me about their experiences of mental health services in Tayside.

“What I would say is I will respect he confidentiality of what they say. My preference would be that people, when they submit evidence, would say who they are because that is helpful but clearly, if people want to submit wholly anonymous evidence they will be able to do that.”

Mr Strang added: “I am expecting to hear about experiences that have been good as well as experiences that have, perhaps, been poor.


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