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The Scottish Government should set up a fund to compensate victims of historic child abuse, an expert panel has concluded.

The review group, set up by ministers, was tasked with consulting on whether a scheme should be established and how it should work.

The Scottish Human Rights Commission (SHRC) and the Centre for Excellence for Looked After Children (Celcis), who managed the process, said virtually everyone who responded said a fund should be established.

Groups representing abuse survivors welcomed the outcome, and called for the Scottish Government to implement the findings in full.

However they expressed concern that the review indicates legislation to establish a compensation scheme may not even be passed until March 2021.

Alan Draper, spokesman for Scottish abuse victims’ group Incas (In Care Abuse Survivors) said another recommendation – for an interim system to make payments to sick or elderly abuse survivors who may not live long enough to take part in the compensation scheme – should be implemented within three months.

“We support the recommendations 100 per cent,” he said. “This is something we have been pushing for for years. But March 2021 is a long way off.”

He said he was thinking of veteran campaigner Frank Docherty, a founder of Incas, who died last year. “The Scottish Government is fully aware of these issues. There has been enough hanging around and we expect them to adopt the recommendations in full, and put interim payments in place for those who need them within the next six months.”



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