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Young people with learning difficulties have highlighted key areas of research which could help to improve their lives.

The 10 priorities include devising approaches to tackle bullying and creating the best learning environments.

Academics will use the information to plan new research initiatives at the University of Edinburgh and worldwide.

Project leader Professor Anne O’Hare said: “It is vital that people with learning difficulties are given a voice and are involved in research design from the outset.

“We are delighted to now have clear priorities for our research going forward and are hopeful that the project will lead to improvements in diagnosis and support.”

Sam McGovern, ambassador for Dyslexia Scotland who helped choose the priorities, added: “It is so good that young people have had as much of a voice in setting the top 10 as parents and professionals.

“Kids, as much as adults, know what is important when you have a learning difficulty.”


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