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Organisations across the children’s sector and beyond have joined Children in Scotland on a milestone anniversary to call for improvements to the lives of children and young people in Scotland.

Children in Scotland has made 25 Calls to mark its 25th anniversary.

The calls include improving mental health support, allowing 16 and 17-year-olds to vote in all elections, greater support for teachers and pupils and topping up Child Benefit by £5 a week.

The number one call reads: “Change the language of poverty: young people deserve dignity, not stigma and discrimination”.

Chosen by young people supported by Glasgow charities PEEK (Possibilities for Each and Every Kid) and the GK Experience, the call is focused on the need to move away from tragic narratives about young people in poorer areas and recognise them and their communities as complex, with both strengths and challenges.

The full list of calls, ranging from specific policy demands to broader calls for cultural change, were unveiled at a campaign launch event and 25th anniversary celebration at the City Arts Centre in Edinburgh this week.


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