I am currently taking part in a 2-year foundation apprenticeship in software development within my school. A part of this course was to have a week’s work placement at a company that works with software, I was placed at Fife Centre for Equalities for my placement.

At my time within Fife Centre for Equalities (FCE) I was introduced to the team and given an introduction to the company. I then got introduced to Lewis who was going to act like a mentor to me and show what I will be needing to do. My first task was to create a booking system for the equipment that they have, what this booking system allowed was for people who went on the website to book their equipment and how long they wanted the equipment to be set-up for. The second task that I done was setting up a Twitter bot that will retweet any new tweets made by a member of the FCE team, the bot itself works and does nearly what they wanted as it tweets what the members have tweeted and retweeted, meaning they had to be careful when retweeting each other’s posts. Unfortunately, I was not able to get access to the twitter developer tools that allow you to create code for bots and applications, so I had to make do with the online services that some websites can provide. Another task that I have done was get code that would display a calendar of all the upcoming events that the FCE team have planned.  This worked but the size of the calendar was not changeable via code so we had to come to a compromise and have placed the calendar in the sidebar of the website. For the website’s homepage I also made the introduction box transparent so that it wasn’t such an eye sore and wouldn’t take away from the image behind it.

While doing these tasks / jobs for FCE, I was able to get help from all members of the team; whether it was finding the right plugin that I should use or if the size of the words are too small for people to read or even if the colours contrasted – these were all things that I was helped with to make the jobs that I done more user friendly.

In conclusion I have enjoyed my time with Fife Centre for Equalities, though when I was first told that I could have a work placement with them I asked myself what would an equalities organisation need with someone who does software but I am glad that I didn’t decide to snub the opportunity. I have learnt more about equality, for the software side of things I have learnt about WordPress which is a WYSIWYG editor, however it still allows you to code. I was also able to see how it can be used for creating a website and all the plugins that are available to websites that use WordPress.


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