I am on a Foundation Apprenticeship, this is a program with Fife
Council to support students with the opportunities to get qualifications from doing work experience.


What is the Foundation Apprenticeship?

By giving young people earlier exposure to the world of work, they’re helping us develop the skills, experience and knowledge we’ll need when we leave school.

For us it’s the chance to get a head start on our careers by gaining an industry-recognised qualification, work on real projects and broaden our career options when we leave school.

And for employers, it’s the chance to attract highly motivated and committed young people who are willing to learn, identify young people who are right for their business and ensure their organisation has people with the skills they need.

My Work Experience


I was set with two major projects. The first of which was about me optimizing the calendars on the Fife Centre for Equalities webpage. I did this by using Google Calendars and WordPress. I had managed to create Custom calendars for a range of Fife Centre for Equalities public events and diary dates.

For my second project I was assigned with the task of creating a sample display dashboard with initial snapshot of data in Microsoft Power BI. I found this task relatively easy, although I had technical difficulties with the program along with Excel.


Overall, I’ve learned a lot about what Equality truly means, and how frustrating computers can be sometimes, but you just need to find the workaround to get you to the solution.