On 04 Nov 2018, we co-hosted a career information day with Sky Contact Centre Dunfermline.



The purpose of the day was to give an insight into what it’s like to work in a Sky contact centre, the range of positions available, what skills you will develop whilst working there and the recruitment process.


There was an introduction to Sky and the positions, with members of staff at all different levels telling their personal stories and their journies with Sky. It was encouraging to see how all staff are included with a wide range of backgrounds, levels of experience and skillsets.


The group learned about Sky’s commitment to inclusion and equality, with over a quarter of staff at the centre working in accessibility. They also learned that there was no “perfect employee” profile, with efforts being made for anyone to come into work there.


Sky will be hosting an Assessment Day on 24 Nov 2018, which will feature a short interview, if you would like to come along please provide us with basic contact details below:


For more information on the positions and roles available click here.