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IT’S game on for women demanding equality in sport.

And, as Scotland’s finest sportswomen were hailed at an awards ceremony in Glasgow, Maureen McGonigle, chief executive of Scottish Women in Sport (SWiS), says the ultimate goal is in sight.

Five years ago, when she founded the organisation, Maureen was pessimistic about women ever having the same sporting opportunities as men and predicted it would be eight decades before this happened.

Today, she is more hopeful since the #MeToo movement took off on social media, coupled with the campaign for equal pay and an end to sexual harassment that continues to cause waves.

“In this case I’m delighted to be proved wrong,” said Maureen. “Nobody could have predicted this huge support for women’s equality, which has made huge and rapid advances over the last year or so. Social media has finally given women a global platform to challenge attitudes and demand equality – and I would love to think we are part of that movement.”

Maureen, who spoke at the SWiS awards ceremony on Friday night, when shooter Seonaid McIntosh was named Sportswoman of the Year, added a note of caution.

“We still have a long way to go – men’s sporting achievements still dominate the media. But there are certainly far more opportunities open to women now, and women are more willing to speak out.”


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