Hello! Welcome to the first of our communications reviews, the purpose of these reviews is to give us an idea of what we’re covering, whether there is a fair balance in regards to content and what we can do improve to our engagement and coverage in a fair and balanced way.

The following breakdowns were designed to give us an insight into how balanced our news and posts are, the range of groups and organisations that we engage with and observations on how we can improve.

The data shown is taken from the Fife Centre for Equalities Facebook page,  from 3rd September 2018 to 11th November 2018.

This first breakdown shows all of our posts from the page, categorised under the relevant protected characteristics. Overall there is a good balance between the characteristics. There are less posts on workplace-based pregnancy & maternity and marriage & civil partnership, this is likely due to the limited equality initiatives focusing on these characteristics.

Breakdown 1 – All Fife Centre for Equalities’ Posts.

The second breakdown shows what is being reported through our Equality News Updates from 1 April to 31 Oct 2018, there is a mixture of posts from both local and national press. Similarly to the chart above, there is a good balance of characteristics, it reflects what is being reported in the current news, with a large focus on all-encompassing issues such as mental health and hate crime. There has been less media attention surrounding issues such as marriage & civil partnership and pregnancy & maternity.

Breakdown 2 – Equality News Updates

This chart relates to the posts made by Fife Centre for Equalities and the groups/organisations that we engage with. As seen in the list below, we engage with a mixture of  local Fife-based groups and those that are further afield. It follows the pattern of the previous charts and reflects our current event promotion. There is a healthy balance under all protected characteristics with the exception of marriage & civil partnership and pregnancy & maternity.


Breakdown 3 – FCE and Other Group

Below is a some examples of organisations that we have engaged with through the FCE Facebook page (03/09/2018 – 03/11/2018):

  • Fife Home Educators
  • Youth 1st
  • Our Kirkcaldy
  • Community Jobs Scotland
  • Fife Jammer Locations
  • Creative Dundee
  • University of Dundee
  • Action Against Prejudice
  • Engender
  • Dunfermline Foodbank
  • Equality and Human Rights Comission
  • Dunfermline Advice Hub
  • Dunfermline Central Mosque
  • Leslie Laird MP
  • LGBT Fife
  • Disabled People’s Association of Singapore
  • Fife Libraries
  • Fife Migrant’s Forum
  • Safer Communities Fife
  • Greener Kirkcaldy
  • Fife Employment Access Service
  • Pink Saltire
  • Peter Grant MP