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Young carers in Fife are being encouraged to have their views heard on the introduction of a grant.

Consultations are being held on a young carers’ grant that will provide a one-off annual payment of ¬£300 to over seventeen-hundred 16-17-year-olds who care for a loved one.

The money aims to help give support to young people who have caring responsibility and are on the verge of leaving school.

Fife Young Carers development manager told Kingdom FM News: “Those that are in charge of deciding might not have thought of it from a young carers’ perspective. That is what our young people are there for, to give their views and make it clear what might happen once this is in place and any consequences that might not have been thought of before.

“We have got quite a few young carers who do moving and handling they do not have the training for that. Obviously you have got back problems that can occur, but compared to typical peer groups they are affected.

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